Manual para el Estudiante COOP
Universidad de Puerto Rico en Arecibo
Centro de Investigación y Creación
El Laboratorio Multiuso de Ciencia Integrada
American Mathematical Society – Intership & Co-op Opportunities for Undergraduates
The HACU National Intership Program
The Monsanto Intership/Co-op Program
National Science Foundation – Research Experiences for Undergraduates 
APA – Science – Undergraduate Research Opportunities & Interships 
APA – Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

Professional internships are crucial to launching your career. Nine out of ten entry-level hires today have completed at least one internship or co-op experience, so it’s no surprise over 80% of U.S. undergraduates are making internships a high priority. The Washington Center has decades of experience, a broad network, a wide range of internships and academic offerings to that help you shape your future success. The wide range of opportunities available through The Washington Center suits nearly every academic major, area of interest, or career goal. TWC’s programs cater to students pursuing careers in political science, business, advocacy, broadcast journalism, the arts, international affairs, criminal justice and many other areas. In Washington, D.C., or abroad, TWC offers a unique opportunity to focus on your interests and create the platform from which to launch your career. Each of our programs focuses on a particular interest. Internship placements are not tied to a particular program, so all interns have access to the sites they’re most interested in. The program you choose will shape the experience through special programming and other opportunities