The English Department is committed to UPRA’s General Education Policy as stated in certifications 2005-06-17 and 2007-2008-13 of the Academic Senate.

UPRA Catalog state the basic components of general Education. Students who are enrolled in a BA degree program must comply with 42 credits of general education courses.




English 9
Humanities 6
Mathematics 6
Natural Sciences 6
Social Sciences 6
Spanish 9
Total 42


Students who are enrolled in an Associate Degree program must comply with 18 credits of general education courses.


English 3
Humanities 3
Mathematics 3
Natural Sciences 3
Sciences 3
Spanish 3
Total 18


All students will take six (6) credits in English. The courses will depend on their score in the English achievement section of the Evaluation Test for College Admissions (PEAU for its Spanish acronym). The Pre-Basic English (INGL 0060) course will not count towards meeting this requirement.


Basic English I INGL 3101 3
Basic English Laboratory I
(co-requisite of INGL 3101)
INGL 3113 0
Basic English II INGL 3102* 3
Basic English Laboratory II
(co-requisite of INGL 3102)
INGL 3114 0
Intermediate English I (CEEB: 580-679) INGL 3103 3
Intermediate English II INGL 3104* 3
Honor’s English I (CEEB: 680-800) INGL 3011 3
Honor’s English II INGL 3012* 3


To comply with the additional three (3) credits in English required for General Education, students will choose from among the following courses.  Some curricula already require additional courses in English which fulfill this requirement. Students should consult their academic advisors and examine the curricular sequence for the program in which they are enrolled.


**Business English I INCO 3005 3
**Business English II INCO 3006* 3
**Report Writing INCO 4006* 2
**Advanced Course in Business Communication INCO 3007 4
** Strategies for Business Communication INCO 4008 2
Oral and Written English I INGL 3021 3
Grammar and Composition I INGL 3201 3
Grammar and Composition II INGL 3202* 3
Introduction to Literature I INGL 3221 3
Introduction to Literature II INGL 3222* 3
Conversational English INGL 3093 3
Conversational English for Professional II INGL 3094* 3
English for Public Communication INGL 3061 3
English for Science and Tecnology I INGL 3015 3
Conversational English for Secretaries I INCO 3025 1
Introduction to Creative Writing INGL 3238 3
Conversational English for Study and Travel INGL 3117 3
Radical Women’s Writing in the 20th and 21st Centuries INGL 3230 3


*Courses bearing an asterisk have prerequisites.
** Courses bearing two asterisks are tailored to Business and Administrative Assistant Majors