Logos de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy, UPR Arecibo, UPR Aguadilla, Departamento Recreación y Deportes y del Centro de Investigación y Creación

Centro de Investigación Multidisciplinaria de la UPR, Unidades de Arecibo y Aguadilla


Cooperative agreement with the Department of Recreation and Sports of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, for scientific, academic and educational use of the Rio Camuy Cavers National Park, Tanamá River and surroundings areas. Initial agreements where signed on November 30, 2015 and Jagüey was founded on June 16, 2016 which represented the culmination of efforts that began as early as February 2015. It is important to emphasize that the alliance does not involve economic exchange, its objective is the collaboration of the three entities (PNCRC, UPRA and UPRAg) to harmonize scientific studies and create centers practice that positively impact the public that uses them. 

Collaborative use Aplication